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New Guidelines Released: Alberta Tier 1 and Tier 2 (2016)

Can you spare six hours over a six month period?

The University of Calgary Graduate Students' Association is looking for chemists for their mentorship program. Please see the GSA Mentorship Program Brochure for further information.

Volunteers needed to take Chemistry into the classrooms of Alberta!

What does it mean to be regulated?

ACPA 2020 Joint Virtual Conference: Video Contest

ALMA 2020 Laboratory Manager Leadership Webinar Series - Leadership in Laboratory Safety: The Manager's Role

University of Alberta Let's Talk Science Presents: Virtual School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

WISER/UA-WiSE present: Mentorship Program 2020-2021

ACPA Participates in Government Engagement Sessions

The Government of Alberta has held several virtual engagement sessions over the last couple of months. Each of these consisted of half-day sessions with invited representatives from regulated occupations and members Alberta Labour and Immigration. Representatives were sent discussion guides with background information and a list of discussion questions for consideration. Alberta Labour personnel were present to facilitate break out group discussions and to take notes on suggestions made in the meetings. In addition, regulatory associations were invited to submit written submissions to the Government.

Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA) Presents EnviroTech 2020

Building on the success of the WaterTech series, the Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA) is expanding its spring conference. EnviroTech features water as a key theme, but, ESAA is expanding the program to include other key components of the environment industry including: air, alternative energy, climate change, laboratory, regulatory and waste management.