ACPA Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry

The ACPA Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry ($1000) is awarded annually to a student who is registered in a full-time undergraduate chemistry program at a university in the province of Alberta.

To be eligible, the applicant must be registered in a program accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC).

The scholarship criteria are summarized below:

Academic Excellence (50 points)

The applicant must have achieved an average GPA of at least 3.0 on the 4-point scale (or equivalent) based on the eight best one-semester undergraduate-level chemistry courses within the current course of studies. The applicant must be registered in a CSC-accredited chemistry program at a university in the province of Alberta.

An original transcript must be submitted with the application.

Service to the Chemical Profession (50 points)

The applicant must have contributed to the chemical profession by volunteering in chemistry-related activities. Eligible volunteer activities include helping with National Chemistry Week demonstrations, judging at science fairs, chemistry mentoring, and working on boards or committees of chemistry organizations such as a university chemistry department, the ACPA or the Chemical Institute of Canada (CIC). Partial points will be awarded for being a student member of the ACPA, the CIC and/or an undergraduate chemistry society.

The applicant must submit a letter (100 to 200 words in length) that describes the applicant's volunteer service to the chemical profession and memberships in chemistry organizations. Diversity and degree of participation and service will be considered in the selection process. Leadership will be rated more highly than simple participation.

Names, work titles, and telephone numbers of at least two people who can jointly verify all of the applicant's activities should be listed following the letter.

Copies of certificates, diplomas, awards, reference letters, or other documents that substantiate the activities described in the letter should also be provided (if available).

Application Form

Scholarship Criteria

The application form, transcript, letter, and supporting documentation must be sent to the following address, postmarked no later than March 31.

The ACPA Undergraduate Scholarship in Chemistry
 Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta
 4447 99 Street NW
 Edmonton, AB, T6E 5B6

This award is normally presented in person at the Annual General Meeting of the ACPA (held in May or June).

Past Winners

  • 2023 - Sarah Greidanus (The King's University)
  • 2022 - Yoojin Choi (University of Alberta)
  • 2021 - Ashley Elgersma (The King's University)
  • 2020 - Christian Potolicki (Concordia University of Edmonton)
  • 2019 - Dana Koroluk (University of Alberta)
  • 2018 - Zhongren Jin (University of Alberta)
  • 2017 - Daniel Rubinstein (University of Alberta)
  • 2016 - Marissa Clapson (University of Alberta)
  • 2015 - Nathan Flim (Kings University)
  • 2014 - Devon Schatz (University of Alberta)
  • 2012 - Marie Barnes (University of Alberta)
  • 2011 - Breanne Kamenz (University of Lethbridge)
  • 2010 - Alex Bian (University of Calgary)