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Eyesafe - Safety Eyewear Program

The Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta is committed to looking for ways to keep members safe, which is why we are members of the Eyesafe® prescription safety eyewear program. This program makes it simple for members to get the prescription safety glasses they need, matched specifically to their type of work, fit properly to their face, and at a significantly reduced price. You can choose from any of the 350+ Eyesafe® clinics you will find at by clicking on Find an Optometrist. Enter your postal code and a list of the Eyesafe® optometrists in your area will appear. For more information and details on the program, contact your Eyesafe Program Administrator at [email protected].

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Lab Safety Courses for ACPA Members - 10% Discount

More than 100,000 scientists, educators and students in 30 countries have attended the Laboratory Safety Institute's courses. What makes an effective lab safety program? How can we teach and practice science effectively without compromising the health and safety of faculty and students? Sessions are filled with more than 40 years of eye-opening safety "fail" stories you won't forget. The Laboratory Safety Institute's "real-world" approach means you won't just learn regulations—you'll walk away with an industry-tested, actionable list of simple, inexpensive things you can do right now to reduce the likelihood of lab accidents and protect lives. 

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TD Home & Auto Insurance

Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA) members can enjoy preferred rates on car, home, condo and tenant insurance through the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Program.

As a trusted partner, the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Program is dedicated to helping ACPA members get access to preferred insurance rates. These preferred rates are available on car, home, condo and tenant coverage. TD Insurance is the leading direct response insurance group in Canada†, offering quality insurance products for over 65 years. From getting a quote to filing a claim, their knowledgeable advisors will help you find options that are right for you.

Here are a few ways your savings can add up:

  • Bundling your car and home, condo or tenant insurance together
  • Insuring more than one vehicle, or including a motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile
  • Owning a hybrid or electric vehicle recognized by the Insurance Bureau of Canada
  • Having a connected burglar or fire alarm
  • Living in a newly built home
  • Your home is free of a mortgage or secured line of credit

Plus, the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Affinity Program helps support professional activities. A win-win for you and your professional association.

Feel confident your coverage fits your needs.

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ARTA Benefit Plan for Retired members of ACPA

ACPA has worked with the Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association (ARTA) to make the ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan available to eligible ACPA retirees (present and future).

The ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan offers four Extended Health Care plans to choose from. Coverage highlights include: prescription drugs, paramedical coverage (chiropractor, physiotherapist massage, etc.), coverage for wheelchairs, hearing aids and CPAP machines, and much more. There are also three Dental Care plans to choose from, which include dental exams, cleanings, fillings and minor and major restorations. Emergency Travel Insurance with 100% coverage for sudden and unforeseen emergencies is also included. 

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ACPA Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance Package

We are happy to introduce our new Liability Insurance package for Professional Chemists. Please sign in to your account under the Member Only Benefits for more information.

Professional Liability Insurance is highly recommended for all professional chemists. Ensure that you are protected against possible financial loss!

Insurance Fact Sheets

  1. What is the difference between a “claims made” and an “occurrence” policy?
  2. Commercial General Liability: Why it’s not enough for a professional.
  3. How can legal expense insurance help protect me and my practice?
  4. How important is it for my subcontractors / subconsultants to have insurance?
  5. Frequently asked questions about Professional Liability Insurance.
  6. Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability: Are there reasons to place these coverages with the same Insurer?

ARAG Legal Solutions Inc. Legal Helpline Program

ARAG Legal Solutions Inc. provides ACPA members access to a legal helpline through which they can receive confidential general legal assistance and information over the phone relating to any legal problem to help determine legal rights and options under the laws of the applicable province and the federal laws of Canada.

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Park'N Fly Member Discounts

Park'N Fly Airport Parking is pleased to extend its corporate discount program to ACPA members. Members can use the discount code for both business and leisure travel. If you travel frequently, you can save even more by joining the Rewards Program and by claiming Aeroplan miles. Sign in to your account and visit the Members Only Benefits page for your discount code and further information.