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Temporary Leave of Absence

The Board may in its discretion grant a registered member in good standing a temporary leave of absence from engaging in the practice of chemistry. During a temporary leave of absence, the member shall remain in good standing but

a) shall not practice as a  registered member;
b) shall not use the professional title provided by registration under the Act (except by exemption for employment searches as outlined in 14.02 of the Bylaws); and
c) shall not use the professional stamp provided by the Association.

A temporary leave of absence may be granted for a period of six months and may be extended up to a maximum of two years. Full details are available under Section 14 of the ACPA Bylaws.

To apply for Temporary Leave of Absence, sign into your account at the top of this page and look under the Member Menu for Leaves of Absence. Follow instructions from there.

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ACPA Membership Application Checklist

What do I need in order to apply for ACPA membership? Download our application checklist here.

Professional Development

Full P.Chem. members are required by Alberta law to submit an annual tally of their Professional Development Credits (PDCs), and a minimum standard must be met to maintain their professional status. Sufficient PDCs can be gained by a combination of work experience, education, reading, mentoring, writing, reviewing, presenting, volunteering and other pursuits in the field of chemistry, and excess credits can be carried forward. The PDC form is available on the Professional Development page under the Member Menu at the top right of this screen.

New - Credit for Graduate Training

One year of work experience credit will be granted to those applicants who have completed an M.Sc. degree in chemistry.  A maximum work experience credit of two years will be granted to those applicants who have completed either a Ph.D. in chemistry or an M.Sc. in chemistry plus a Ph.D. in chemistry.  A maximum of one additional year of work experience credit will be granted for one or more years of post-doctoral fellowship work.

Note:  All applicants with doctoral degrees whose degree certificates do not specifically state that the degree was earned in chemistry (e.g., they state “Doctor of Philosophy” only) must provide official documentation with their application proving that their graduate degree was earned in chemistry.

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