Professional Development

ACPA strongly encourages chemical professionals to further develop their careers, and one of the most common routes is through continuing education, seminars and workshops.

In fact, as part of the provincial government regulation of our profession, Professional Chemists in Alberta are legally required to document their professional development annually by completing a tally of the Professional Development Credits (PDCs) they have earned by various means (including coursework). In Alberta, Professional Chemists are required to document a minimum of 50 professional development credits annually.

An online version of the required form is available on the Professional Development page under the Member Menu at the top right of this screen. Members who do not meet the minimum professional development requirements will lose their membership and can no longer use the title "Professional Chemist" or "P.Chem." Members will not be mailed their membership card until dues are paid and PDC credits are filed for the current year.

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What kind of documentation do I need to support PDCs claimed?

Professional Development Activity PDC Allotment Documentation

Please note that documentation to support PDC credits claimed should be kept for a minimum of three years.


Workshop for Preparing a Profession Development Audit: Files from the workshop

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Public Professional Courses

The ACPA and the Chemistry Institute of Canada (particularly at their annual conferences) regularly offer professional development courses. Watch for announcements by e-mail and in the News and Events page of this website. If you are not yet on our announcement mailing list, please contact the ACPA office.

In addition, many other kinds of courses are recognized as professional development. Some of these publicly offered courses can be viewed through the following links:

Professional Development Courses

University Courses

College and Technical College Courses