Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta

Chemistry touches and interacts with every part of our lives. From plastics and petroleum to food, clothing, and pharmaceuticals, countless crucial items and processes are regularly created, checked, or modified by chemists. Chemists also have essential roles in environmental monitoring and remediation, helping to protect the health and safety of the public by ensuring the quality of the water, the purity of the air, and the chemical safety of the landscape.

For those reasons and many more, the practice of chemistry is regulated by the Province of Alberta through the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA). Only chemists who are registered members of the ACPA may use the title P.Chem. (Professional Chemist) or C.I.T. (Chemist in Training) as appropriate. These titles provide immediate assurance to government, industry and the public that specific levels of education and experience have been met.


“Alberta’s chemical professionals uphold the public trust through the competent and ethical practice of chemistry.”


“The ACPA certifies chemical professionals who protect the interests of Albertans through the ethical practice of chemistry.”


  1. Professional: We are knowledgeable and responsible practitioners in the field of chemistry and work with integrity.
  2. Competent: We are well qualified in the practice of chemistry.
  3. Ethical: We follow a code of conduct and hold one another accountable.
  4. Protective: We protect the safety and interests of Albertans.
  5. Supportive: We share our knowledge and support the development of professional competencies of our members.
  6. Respectful: We respect our fellow chemists and other professionals in all of our diversity.

Membership Benefits

Members of the ACPA benefit from the following perks:

  • ACPA Learning Centre course discounts
  • Eyesafe - Safety Eyewear Program
  • Lab Safety Institute course discounts
  • TD Home & Auto Insurance discounted rates
  • ARTA Benefit Plan for Retired Members
  • ACPA Professional Liability and Commercial General Liability Insurance Package
  • DAS General Telephone Legal Advice
  • Park'N Fly discounts

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