Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta

Chemistry touches and interacts with every part of our lives. Everything from pharmaceuticals, clothing, plastic, petroleum to the food you eat has probably been created, checked or modified by a chemist. Chemists also play crucial roles in environmental monitoring and remediation, helping to protect your health and safety by ensuring the quality of the water you drink and the purity of the air you breathe.

For those reasons and many more, the practice of chemistry is regulated by the Province of Alberta through the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta (ACPA). Only chemists who are registered members of the ACPA may use the title P.Chem. (Professional Chemist) or C.I.T. (Chemist in Training) as appropriate. These titles provide immediate assurance to government, industry and the public that specific levels of education and experience have been met.

The Objectives of the ACPA

  1. To ensure that our members meet the high standards of professional competence and ethics needed for the protection of industry and the public.
  2. To increase the knowledge, skills and proficiency of our members in all things relating to chemistry.
  3. To foster greater general interest in chemistry and a better understanding of the chemical profession by industry and the public at large.
  4. To provide a recognized voice for professional chemists in Alberta.

The ACPA is one of only six professional organizations whose members are permitted to sign off on environmental reports or sites for closure in Alberta.

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