Member Categories

Professional Chemist (P.Chem.)

Full Professional Chemist membership and the right to use the title of P. Chem. requires graduation from a program accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), or the OCQ /Quebec provincial accreditation,


The equivalent that includes a university degree conferred upon completion of a program in which chemical sciences ('molecular entities’) was a major subject. This program will include at least 1000 hours of instruction in the study of the chemical sciences ('molecular entities’).

A certificate from the accredited program is desirable.

Applicants that did not complete an accredited program will require a minimum of a University Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry with at least 16 single semester courses in chemistry. At least two single semester courses must be in each of three of the five major chemistry subdisciplines (biochemistry, organic, inorganic, physical, and analytical chemistry) and at least one of the two courses in each of the chosen subdisciplines must be at the senior (3rd or 4th year university) level.

All applicants must also successfully complete the ACPA professional courses on Professional Ethics for Chemists and the online Jurisprudence course before they will be considered for full professional membership.

In addition, at least four years of full-time chemistry-related post undergraduate work experience are required. One year of work experience credit will be granted to those applicants who have completed an M.Sc. degree in chemistry.  A maximum work experience credit of two years will be granted to those applicants who have completed either a Ph.D. in chemistry or an M.Sc. in chemistry plus a Ph.D. in chemistry.  A maximum of one additional year of work experience credit will be granted for one or more years of post-doctoral fellowship work.

Only this category of membership has full rights and privileges under Alberta law and only Professional Chemists are issued a P.Chem. stamp. Annual dues are $325.

Chemist-in-Training (C.I.T.)

C.I.T. membership has the same educational requirement as the P.Chem. category, but is intended as an entry-level membership category for those who do not yet have sufficient work experience. Annual dues are $100.

C.I.T. members can apply to reclassify as P.Chem. members after four years of work experience and successful completion of both the ACPA Jurisprudence course and the Professional Ethics for Chemists course.

Non-Practicing Leave of Absence

The Board may in its discretion grant a registered member in good standing a non-practicing leave of absence. The Board may accept justifications for a non-practicing leave of absence that shall include not only retirement from active practice but also other justifications that are typically deemed acceptable by employers, such as the provision of essential care to a family member, maternity or paternity leave, jury duty, the opportunity to travel, and the loss of employment. Annual dues are $50.

Non-Practicing leave expires at the end of every calendar year and must be renewed by completing the Non-Practicing Leave of Absence Declaration form.  For further details refer to Section Fourteen under the ACPA Bylaws.

Student Guests

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Chemistry Guests

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