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Professional Sign Off for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Province of Alberta regulates greenhouse gas emissions in part through a system of offset credits. Compliance reports under this regulation must be verified by a third party auditor (see Technical Guidance for Greenhouse Gas Verification at Reasonable Level Assurance). The following excerpt is taken from the Specified Gas Emitters Regulation:

"Qualifications of third party auditors
 18(1) A person is eligible to be a third party auditor under this Regulation if the person
         (a) is
              (i) registered as
                   (A) a professional engineer under the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act, or

                   (B) a chartered accountant under the Regulated Accounting Profession Act,
              (ii) a member of a profession that has substantially similar competence and practice requirements as a profession referred to in subclause (i)

                      (A) in a province or territory of Canada, or 

                      (B) approved by the director, in a jurisdiction outside of Canada,
         (b) has technical knowledge of
             (i) specified gas emission quantification methodologies,
             (ii) audit practices, and
             (iii) any other matters considered relevant by the director, and
         (c) has any other qualifications that the director considers necessary."

Professional chemists can apply to be recognized as third party auditors under 18(1)(a)(ii) of this regulation. 

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