Why Join the ACPA?

 The ACPA is Alberta's professional association for practitioners of chemistry. Members will receive a membership certificate as well as a stamp for certifying their work.

As a member of the ACPA, you will be helping to reinforce the professionalism of chemists in Alberta. The support of Alberta chemists is necessary to demonstrate to the public that the Association speaks for chemists and chemistry in the province. As a group, we can inform the public about chemistry, influence legislative and other governmental regulatory activities, and provide services to chemists in ways that would be difficult through individual effort.

The ACPA has been legislated as the governing body for the professional affairs of Professional Chemists in the Province of Alberta. In this capacity, the ACPA provides its members with many benefits:


The title of Professional Chemist (P.Chem.) demonstrates to everyone that the bearers are qualified, practicing chemists who continue to upgrade their skills and knowledge.


The ACPA provides opportunities to network with peers and share ideas and other news about the profession and the practice of chemistry.


The “P.Chem.” title says that ACPA members are true professionals deserving of due respect and recognition. Use the title with pride.


The ACPA provides workshops and seminars in support of lifelong learning for our members and the public. The ACPA will help our members to advance their skills and knowledge to keep pace with rapidly changing needs and technologies.


ACPA members have mobility across Canada through reciprocal agreements established with other provincial professional chemist associations. As well, this professional designation helps to highlight the qualifications of our members and to advance their careers.


ACPA member benefits include group insurance rates with TD Insurance Meloche Monnex (home and auto) and Christie Phoenix (errors and omissions, general liability, and environmental liability). For details, please see member benefits.

Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) Directive 001

ACPA members are formally recognized by the AER (formerly ERCB) under EUB Directive 001 regarding Site-Specific Liability Assessments. Of particular importance is section 6.3, "Roles and Qualifications of Personnel."

Professional Stamp