Eyesafe Prescription Safety Eyewear
The ACPA is pleased to offer its members a new prescription safety eyewear benefit program. The Eyesafe program was created by the Alberta Association of Optometrists more than 50 years ago with a goal of eliminating needless on the job eye injuries. There are many reasons people don’t wear their safety eyewear, but the ACPA targeted those that could be remedied with a comprehensive prescription safety eyewear program and chose Eyesafe. 
Along with receiving approximately 60% in cost savings on your prescription safety eyewear, the program also offers more than 150 frame types to ensure you are able to access the safety glasses that are correct for your job and fit properly on your face. There are more than 650 optometrists in 350 plus clinics available throughout the province to help members. With more than 700 Canadian workers sustaining eye injuries every day, and most being completely preventable, we encourage you to take the steps necessary to protect your eyes. It’s the only pair you will receive in your lifetime.
To access the program, request a job ticket from the Eyesafe administrator at ACPA by emailing [email protected]