Join Element's annual environmental seminar. This year they will focus on case studies along with regulatory and environmental updates.


A detailed schedule with lunch and breaks will be added shortly.

  1. Predictive Contaminant Trend Analysis (PCTA) by John Banks, SWAT
  2. Use of Artificial Intelligence in Spill Response and Assessment by Parker Banks, SWAT
  3. Vegetation response to a natural gas pipeline rupture fire in Canada’s montane cordillera by Sonja Leverkus, Shifting Mosaics Corporation
  4. Digital Transformation of the Site Closure by Ryan Tulloch, Prodelta
  5. Carbon Markets – an Essential Component of the Energy Transition by Dani Urton, Vertex Resource Group Ltd
  6. ESG- An Introduction to the current state of the movement. Defining ESG, examples of ESG actions , and a summary of what Element is doing by Randy Neumann, Element Materials Technology Inc.
  7. Regulatory Update by Tyrel Hemsley, Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (EPA).
  8. Why you Need to Fingerprint PAHS and how to do it + Automated Data Tabulation in Statvis from Element E-Services by Paul Fuellbrandt, Precision Liability Consulting
  9. Extraction of PFAS from Soil and Other Solids: Better Recovery Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction by Matthew MacLennan, Pacific Rims Labs