Welcome to the ACPA Seminar Series, a monthly webinar series including various topics of interest related to advancing the Chemical Profession in Alberta. For the next seminar in this series, we are happy to introduce Wyatt Lynds, Associate Portfolio Manager, Qube Investment Management for 'Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning' on January 30, 2024. Each seminar will be eligible for 1 PDC credit.

This presentation aims to provide information on tax-efficient investing, asset allocations, investment options, and fees, for those seeking knowledge on investing and planning for retirement. There will also be plenty of opportunities for discussion should members have any questions.

Planning and investing for retirement can be an overwhelming endeavour regardless of your stage of life. There are several topics Canadian investors may want to be familiar with to increase the utility of their time and money when planning for retirement, such as understanding the differences in accounts (RRSP vs TFSA), how to choose an asset allocation (bonds vs equities), and how to maximize tax savings. Each investment account has different implications in terms of tax, contribution, and withdrawal limits, and understanding how to maximize the utility of each account should aid in retiring wealthier.

After understanding the details of each investment account, a logical next step is deciding on an asset allocation. Arguably, asset allocation is one of the most important aspects of any portfolio. Asset allocation pertains to risk tolerance, more specifically, the percentage of bonds vs the percentage of equities an investor holds. An asset allocation should match an individual’s investment goals, timeline, and risk tolerance. As people progress through life, their investment goals and timelines will alter. In turn, their portfolio should reflect these changes.

One of the most impactful areas for investors is fees. Due to the compounding effects of investment returns, even a small percentage increase in fees can cause a significant reduction in overall return. As a result, it is important to determine if the fee being charged for the services/products provided is fair. This presentation will break down the possible products/services one may receive and the respective industry standard fee. This information should help members better evaluate possible advisors.

In addition, this seminar will provide an outline of possible investment options (exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, stocks). In a world saturated with investment products, it can create an overwhelming environment for those attempting to save and invest for retirement. A general outline of investment products will aid those in their search for holdings which match their investor profile.

This presentation is designed for those seeking knowledge on how to maximize the benefits of their retirement.

Presentation Outline

  • Defining Registered and Non-Registered Investment Vehicles
    • TFSA, RSRP, RESP, RDSP, Non-Registered
    • Optimizing Your Tax Savings Through Investments
  • Asset Allocation Basics
    • Discovering Your Risk Tolerance & Investment Objectives
    • The Craft of Retirement Planning
  • Investing by Life Stage
  • Investment Options (ETFs vs Mutual Funds vs Stocks)
  • Understanding Fees
    • Advisor Fees – What services are you receiving?
    • How to Evaluate Possible Money Managers
  • Banks vs Portfolio Management Firms
  • The Importance of Time
    • Compounding Growth


6:45 - 6:59 PM MT - Networking

7:00 - 8:00 PM MT - Presentation and Q&A


Wyatt Lynds, Associate Portfolio Manager, Qube Investment Management

Wyatt Lynds is an Associate Portfolio Manager at Qube Investment Management. Wyatt is registered with the Alberta Securities Commission which allows him to assist in discretionary investment decisions. He graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Finance major. Additionally, Wyatt has passed the Charter Financial Analyst Level 1 Exam.

Wyatt joined Qube Investment Management in 2020 as a member of the Equity Research Team. His responsibilities included researching publicly traded companies, initiating research on international companies (Australia and English), completing due diligence on alternative real estate investments, beta testing derivates strategies, presenting possible portfolio buys to the steering committee, and overseeing other analysts. Now as an Associate Portfolio Manager, Wyatt still conducts equity research but has undertaken additional responsibilities such as creating retirement reports and portfolio assessments, spearheading an initiative to provide tailored portfolio management for municipalities, and meeting with clients.


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