Streamlining Professional Legislation Update
Over the past few years, the Government of Alberta through the Department of Labour and Immigration has introduced Acts and Regulations that have influenced the ACPA, most notably the Fair Registration Practices Act (FRPA) (2019) and the Labour Mobility Act (2021).  Particularly with the FRPA, the association had to adjust policies to account for regulations that resulted from that legislation.  Further to those Acts, beginning in 2020, the Alberta Government initiated a review of all the Professional Regulated Organizations (PROs) in the province.  A sizeable undertaking considering the number of PROs under the department of Labour and Immigration. The review was undertaken in two phases the first being a review of each PRO followed by a review to explore how to “Streamline Professional Legislation”.  In the spring of 2021, the ACPA participated in the reviews by responding to questionnaires provided by Labour for each phase of their review.  
Recently, the Department of Labour gave two presentations that have progressively given more feedback and direction to the PROs.  The first was a brief statement regarding the review of the PRO which was that no changes to any PRO is being undertaken or is planned.  So for the ACPA, and other associations there will be no changes recommended by Labour.  Good news!  At the same time Labour said that legislation was being pursued titled: “Streamlining Professional Legislation”  The goal of this legislation is to regulate all the PROs within the Department of Labour under one act.  Each of the associations (ACPA along with APEGA, ASPB, AAFMP and others) will be subject to the same Act and Regulations.  However, a series of Schedules will be set up that will specify the individual associations.  For examples, ACPA will have it’s own schedule allowing the freedom to organize to meet the needs of the members.  POARA will be no more.
The last presentation held on March 8th, provided more detail to how the new legislation will proceed, the overall goal is to have the Act proclaimed January, 2023.  The bill is planned to be introduced in April, 2022 followed by Regulation development through the summer of 2022.  The Act however, will not be proclaimed until the PROs develop new bylaws to adjust to the new regulations.  To facilitate these activities, the Department of Labour has offered support to the PROs to align their bylaws with the new regulations.  
What does this mean for the ACPA?  It means we maintain status quo with no changes to restricted titles or scopes of practice.  But we understand that allowance for changes will be written into the new act, for example there could be an opportunity re-introduce other levels of membership (e.g. student members, retired members, etc...) Bylaws will have to be reviewed and rewritten to align with the new regulations.  Members will have to review and comment on the new bylaws.  A significant amount of work is ahead for the association to see these actions to completion that meets the timelines for the proclamation process.  Look for more information in the coming weeks and at the AGM.   What exciting times these are particularly if you live for making new bylaws and policies!