The Board may in its discretion grant a registered member in good standing a non-practicing leave of absence. During a non-practicing leave of absence, the member
(a) shall not engage in the practice of chemistry as a registered member;
(b) shall not exercise any sign-off privileges granted to registered members; and
(c) shall not use the professional stamp provided by the Association.

A registered member in good standing who is on a non-practicing leave of absence shall continue to be a member and to be bound by the Act, the Regulation, the Bylaws and the Code of Ethics of the Association. As such, a member on a non-practicing leave of absence shall retain the following privileges of membership:
(a) the use of his or her professional title;
(b) the right to vote as a registered member; and
(c) the eligibility to serve on the Board, on the Committees of the Board, and as an Officer or Agent of the Association.

The Board in its discretion may accept justifications for a non-practicing leave of absence that shall include not only retirement from active practice but also other justifications that are typically deemed acceptable by employers, such as the provision of essential care to a family member, maternity or paternity leave, jury duty, the opportunity to travel, and the loss of employment.

Non-Practicing leave expires at the end of every calendar year and must be renewed by completing theĀ Non-Practicing Leave of Absence Declaration form. For further details refer to Section Fourteen under the ACPA Bylaws.