The Government of Alberta has held several virtual engagement sessions over the last couple of months. Each of these consisted of half-day sessions with invited representatives from regulated occupations and members Alberta Labour and Immigration. Representatives were sent discussion guides with background information and a list of discussion questions for consideration. Alberta Labour personnel were present to facilitate break out group discussions and to take notes on suggestions made in the meetings. In addition, regulatory associations were invited to submit written submissions to the Government. 

Labour Mobility Legislation

The Alberta Government is developing new labour mobility legislation to reduce labour mobility barriers for out of province certified workers in regulated occupations The goal is to promote and support the seamless movement of workers in regulated occupations. To develop this legislation and policy, Labour and Immigration asked key stakeholders to attend the engagement sessions and discuss ideas and thoughts related to the effects of new labour mobility legislation on regulated occupations. Input will be submitted to the Minister for consideration in drafting the new provincial legislation on labour mobility. This legislation will work in concert with the labour mobility provisions in the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA).

Streamlining Professional Legislation and Public Member Appointments

The Government of Alberta is committed to modernizing registration provisions in the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act (POARA) and clarifying the role of public members with non-health Professional Regulatory Organizations (PROs). The goal is to reduce red tape, increase efficiency, and to use the input from regulatory associations to plan effectively for any changes to POARA legislation. 

The ACPA is one of the professions that is currently regulated under POARA. It is the Act that grants us the rights to the titles of Professional Chemist and Chemist-in-Training.

ACPA was represented at both sessions.