Science Fair Awards

For many years now, the ACPA has sponsored an award in chemistry at the Edmonton Regional Science Fair and at the Calgary Youth Science Fair. In 2016, an ACPA sponsored chemistry award was also introduced at the Lethbridge Regional Science Fair.

The Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association (CCQTA) wished to sponsor a similar prize in chemistry in memory of Rick Dillen, who had been their Treasurer for many years. The ACPA agreed to look after the ongoing administration of this prize, which is for junior-level projects (Grades 7 and 8) and is called the ACPA Rick Dillen Memorial Award, Sponsored by the Canadian Crude Quality Technical Association.

The original ACPA award at both science fairs was renamed the ACPA Alberta Chemist Award, Sponsored by the Association for the Chemical Profession of Alberta. All science fair grade levels are eligible for this ACPA Alberta Chemist Award, but no project can receive this award and another major award in chemistry. We wish to reward as many students as possible for their excellent work in chemistry.

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