Welcome to the ACPA Seminar Series, a monthly webinar series including various topics of interest related to advancing the Chemical Profession in Alberta. For the next seminar in this series, we are happy to introduce Robert Marriott, Director of Research at ASRL, to speak on 'Sulfur in Alberta: A Historical Look at Production and Processing Innovation' on September 27, 2022.  Each seminar will be eligible for 1 PDC credit.


6:45 - 6:59 PM MT - Networking
7:00 - 8:00 PM MT - Presentation and Q&A

Sulfur in Alberta: A Historical Look at Production and Processing Innovation

Since 1952 Alberta producers have been recovering elemental sulfur from industrial feedstocks, which has resulted in successful efforts to reduce harmful sulfur dioxide emissions which has helped mitigate the environmental impact of acid rain. Elemental sulfur is also important to humanity through the production of sulfuric acid, which enables the production of phosphate-based fertilizer and the mining of metals for electronic devices. As the world population grows, the demand for sulfur is ever increasing and now stands at 70 million tons per year.
During the development of the sour gas and sulfur industry in Alberta, it was apparent that pushing towards higher recovery and lower emissions required an expertise in chemistry. In 1964, seven producing companies started a not-for-profit research conglomerate housed by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Calgary. This group, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. (ASRL), has grown internationally and is now the premier sulfur research centre for over 45 companies, worldwide.
In this talk, a history of sour gas production, sour gas processing and sulfur recovery in Alberta will be discussed in the context of developing chemistry, innovations and ASRL research. While some chemistries may seem well established, the chemistry and processes played an important role in building a responsible industry. The innovations are now used all over the world, which is particularly important given the anticipated sulfur shortages in the future.

Speaker Bio

Robert Marriott, Director of Research at ASRL

Rob Marriott is a Professional Chemist in the Province of Alberta, the Director of Research at ASRL, a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Calgary and the inaugural ASRL Research Chair in Applied Chemistry. He brings nearly 20 years of chemistry experience in industrial sulfur chemistry, has presented over 80 international talks, published 100 peer reviewed papers and issued more than 200 industrial reports. His research interests are broad and include (i) the origins of hydrogen sulfide in traditional and non-traditional gas production, (ii) sulfur deposition during production of lean sour gas, (iii) high-pressure adsorption processes, (iv) sour gas hydrate chemistry, (v) sulfide scavenging chemistry, (vi) alkanolamine chemistry, (vii) sulfur recovery, (viii) sulfur handling, (ix) acid gas injection and (x) applied thermodynamics.

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