Saskatchewan Environmental Code

The province of Saskatchewan is adopting the Saskatchewan Environmental Code that will come into full effect on June 1, 2015. The code addresses diverse areas such as air quality, environmentally impacted sites, water management and natural resource protection.

Certificates of Analyses for contaminated sites, field work and sampling regimes will need to be signed by Qualified Persons (QP). For legal reasons, Saskatchewan can not designate P.Chem.'s from other jurisdictions as QP's without ministerial designation. However, for professional chemists the application for qualified person status will be straight forward. A copy of the application form with an attached curriculum vitae and proof of professional designation from a self-regulated body should be sufficient in many cases. Chemists with competency in other areas of environmental expertise will be able to apply for sign off under other chapters of the code as appropriate.

Visit the Government of Saskatchewan website for more information. 

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